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Pimping turntables

If anybody is in the market for a turntable, you could do a lot worse than the Bush MTT1, which is currently on sale at Richer Sounds for £39.95. It got a blazing review and 5 stars from What Hi-Fi magazine. I bought one this afternoon. I just dropped Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats on to […]


Matt: Have you seen the Radio 3 architecture thing? Me: No, what is it? Sounds good. Matt: To be honest, I filed it under “tell Rob about that” and forgot it. Doh! Serves me right for not paying enough attention to Radio 3. Thanks Matt. You should all go and check out his radio recommendations […]


Just me and an empty skate park. Getting up early has some benefits. A frontside noseblunt slide … is a long way off yet. This morning I focused on just staying on the board. Surprisingly, I had some success, well, most of the time – there was one incident that involved my knees meeting the […]

paint it black

Yawn. Massengale finds a new way to criticise Late Modernists by pointing out a certain preference for black in their wardrobes. In a round about kind of way it reminded me of the piece written by FAT architects a few years ago – How to be a Famous Architect. Partly because it’s all about developing […]

crimping and cranking

In an effort to wash away the rage that was building inside me after too many car journeys to work, I paid a visit to the climbing wall at Aston University last week. I really need to start getting on the tram again. Hatred for your fellow motorist hops from car to car like headlice […]

it’s good to talk

Notes on TimeAndTheHunter/IIIDeath (page 87) Despair not. Just when you were beginning to feel thoroughly dejected about Calvino’s proposal that there is no longer any real connection between anybody or anything now that we’ve become complex multi-cellular organisms, rather than simple cells adrift in the promordial soup 1; he extends the olive branch of hope […]

latest discoveries:

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Brazilians decode coffee genome ‘…Brazil would use the genetic code to create a super-coffee, richer in taste, more aromatic and resistant to disease and frost…’ Honey, Where You Been So Long ‘…an MP3 blog to share pre-war blues, updated every working day…’ delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

latest discoveries:

The Organ as it Rusts ‘…Music improvised from assemblages of tape loops, shortwave broadcasts, and field recordings…’ Storefront for Art and Architecture List of exhibitions from 1982 to present day – scan down the list and follow the timeline of fashionable architectural theory over the last 20 years (thanks Al!) Illuminati Illuminati’s first release on […]

iron man

Contrary to my Doctor’s advice, I sat in the direct sunlight to draw this a few weeks ago. I think they call that suffering for your art. It’s the sculpture by Anthony Gormley in Birmingham’s Victoria Square. I mentioned it a while back. Whilst I was sketching this I started to think about some of […]

I’m dead

Ok, that almost went according to plan. The changes I’ve implemented mean that all the previous comments on the site are now broke. Arse. I’ll fix them all but it’ll take a few days.