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you’re dead

The anti-spam device is in place. I’ve got everything crossed. More comments please.

die spammers

I’ve had to switch off the comments again until I sort out the spam coming in. Lately there has been some discussion on the blosxom mailing list about how best to deal with it, so I’ll take a look and try and tackle it. Mail me if you want to get in touch.

latest discoveries:

Buying a bike? Buy one twice the price with government tax-saving scheme ‘…a Green Transport Plan tax-exemption, discount-voucher, bike-buying incentive…’ (thanks Tom!) delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

For Al, Joseph and Nikos

My friend Al just got back from a weekend in Paris but he didn’t have time to visit Parc de la Villete; Joseph Clarke of That Brutal Joint is in Paris this week and has just posted his thoughts on Parc de la Villette; and for all I know Nikos Salingaros may even be in […]

more info

Did a little more digging this morning and found more info about La Dolce Vita at I haven’t read it all yet, just quickly scanned it, as I haven’t finished watching the movie. However, I notice that they picked out the same section of the script as I did on Saturday night.

the sweet life

I’m spending the evening of my birthday watching a film. Sometimes the dark silence of the night weighs upon me. Peace makes me afraid; perhaps I distrust it above all. I feel it’s only a facade concealing the abyss. I think of the world my children will know. It’s supposed to be marvellous but a […]

latest discoveries:

Sustainable Homes ‘…promotes awareness of sustainable development issues and good practice…’ Buzzgrinder: William Shatner is No Has Been! ‘…Shatner teams up with Ben Folds for this surprisingly pop driven collection of songs…’ Green Street ‘…Green Street will help you improve the environmental performance of your homes…’ Animation of acoustic version of Creep by Radiohead (via […]

Bill speaks

Another retrospective interview in LA Weekly, discussing the beginning of the ‘pre-movement’ with the infamous Bill (found via Smart Mobs). The nature of public space in America today has changed. It’s shopping malls, large chain stores, that kind of thing. The presumption is that you’re going to purchase something, but once you try to express […]

latest discoveries:

The suit that makes you feel old ‘…A suit that simulates old age is helping architects design more user-friendly hospitals…’ – I should probably get myself one of these (via delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

latest discoveries:

Classical Guitar Tablature 800 classical guitar tabs in plain text format Flaxwood guitars ‘…Flaxwood guitars combine the dynamics of natural fibre composites with the warmth and power of expression typical to traditional wooden instruments…’ delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via