Flash mob variation number 4: spontaneous pillow fighting outside St. Pauls Cathedral. It’s organised by the same guys who brought us mobile clubbing.

Here’s how it works: 1. Turn up at the venue with a pillow hidden in a bin liner/Fresh & Wild bag. 2. At the stroke of 4.40pm (see, these people really don’t work), pull pillow from bag and fight. 3. Avoid hitting anyone without a pillow. 4. Get a bit bored and retire to the nearby All Bar One.

Though the organisers claim no motive for these events beyond fun, you could tell a few fighters thought they were “sticking it to the man” in their own sweet way. In much the same manner, part-time nudists flock in their thousands to Spencer Tunick’s mass nudity displays, claiming they are exercising some other downtrodden human right (the right to look fat and ugly in the nude?).

taken from Grauniad article (scroll down a bit).

There are pictures here. I’m not sure Tyler Durden would approve.