cave man?

Are you still trying decide what to buy this Christmas for that friend who has everything? Time’s running out, so here’s a suggestion; how about a cave house in Spain? My good friend, regular inspiration and fellow architect, Tom Booker (who you may remember from the entry about the key to the MI5 tea cupboard) …

deep purple

Fashion crisis: I need a pair of purple, velvet, flared trousers. I need them by 2000 GMT tomorrow. Help.


Here’s an interesting confluence of writing/linking1 worth visiting; last week Joel wrote about the threat to the future of Chinatown in London, The rents in Chinatown have already risen steeply in an attempt to force people out, and if the eastern part is demolished it’ll be a domino effect all down Gerrard Street and that’ll …


Link to an image of Tschumi’s constructivist follies: courtesy of Dave Morris’ flickr photostream.

the first rule

Tonight at 18:09, Pillow Fight Club II.

burn, baby, burn, disc[o] inferno

My timing is a little off. I chose to launch the extra image RSS during the same week that moblogUK had the mother of all disc failures. It’s all fixed now and you shouldn’t have to see the image the repeats any longer. I knew we’d get there in the end.

The Lesson of Movement

Either I’m getting weaker, or banana skins are getting stronger. Tonight’s entry is inspired by my previous comments about Oscar Naddermier, my first architectural history lecturer. I returned to his notes and decided that they should be shared with you. Oscar preferred his students to be listening rather than writing, so he always typed out …


The RSS problems continue. Normal service will resume shortly. I hope. If anybody out there is a wizard with the planetplanet aggregator, drop me a line. Ahem. I’m an idiot. The reason the RSS wasn’t working correctly is because the redirect command I’d put in place was also redirecting the redirection, hence the repetition of …

technical glitch

The timestamp problem continues. For the moment we shall remain text only until I’ve got the photo feed to work.