If you subscribe to this site using RSS you may have noticed that a few of the entries you’ve already read have just popped up again. Don’t adjust your set, I’ve moved the newsfeed over to an aggregator that pulls in extra content. Scroll back down the list and you’ll see some extra images – it’s the feed from my subscription at moblogUK.

At the moment the old address is set to redirect, if you want to change your subscription (and I’d appreciate it if you did) simply amend it to: rob.annable.co.uk/rss20.xml

Don’t worry about image size if you’re on a dial-up, the photos are all taken with my phonecam and the file size is quite small.

If you’re made of stronger stuff than most of us (including me), and you’ve yet to succumb to the lazy attitude that makes syndication so atttractive, you can see the combined feed in your browser at rob.annable.co.uk/index.html. Unfortunately it currently has zero formatting and gets delivered as naked as the day it was born, has no comments option and an odd problem with image repetition. This will be remedied in time. A lot of time.

ps – Hello to the handful of new subscribers I’ve picked up over the last few days, I hope the changes don’t put you off!