Here’s an interesting confluence of writing/linking1 worth visiting; last week Joel wrote about the threat to the future of Chinatown in London,

The rents in Chinatown have already risen steeply in an attempt to force people out, and if the eastern part is demolished it’ll be a domino effect all down Gerrard Street and that’ll be it, more faceless chainstore sterility, no more strange vegetables, soy sauce, firecrackers, dragon dances, red paper lanterns, calligraphy brushes, roast duck hanging on hooks, Chinese swordfighting videos, exotic aromas, old men playing the qin, gaudy neon, a typographical extravaganza of mingshu signage, and pretty Chinese girls avoiding squashed kumquats in heels.

and today Dan Hill over at City of Sound has posted a link to the latest Flickr group: Chinatown.

  1. I think from now on I shall call this wrinking