the first rule

Tonight at 18:09, Pillow Fight Club II.

latest discoveries:

Holmes on the radio ‘…Sherlock Holmes stories have been a part of radio programming since 1930. There are some 600 broadcasts listed on this site…’ delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

latest discoveries:

Tijuana Christmas (mp3s) …to help everyone at the Wolves LUG enjoy a Merry Christmas…(posted as an apology for failing to attend the xmas bash!) Flickr: Architecture Group photo pool TinyP2P ‘…TinyP2P is a functional peer-to-peer file sharing application, written in fifteen lines of code, in the Python programming language…’ (via delivered (almost) daily at …

latest discoveries:

Rail plan safe as architect [Will Alsop] is axed ‘…The renowned architect behind ambitious £350 million plans to redevelop Birmingham New Street Station has been taken off the project….’ Will Alsop’s new children’s centre ‘…has its own ‘big top’, water garden and outdoor stage. It’s a ray of light in a dark corner of London, …

burn, baby, burn, disc[o] inferno

My timing is a little off. I chose to launch the extra image RSS during the same week that moblogUK had the mother of all disc failures. It’s all fixed now and you shouldn’t have to see the image the repeats any longer. I knew we’d get there in the end.

The Lesson of Movement

Either I’m getting weaker, or banana skins are getting stronger. Tonight’s entry is inspired by my previous comments about Oscar Naddermier, my first architectural history lecturer. I returned to his notes and decided that they should be shared with you. Oscar preferred his students to be listening rather than writing, so he always typed out …


The RSS problems continue. Normal service will resume shortly. I hope. If anybody out there is a wizard with the planetplanet aggregator, drop me a line. Ahem. I’m an idiot. The reason the RSS wasn’t working correctly is because the redirect command I’d put in place was also redirecting the redirection, hence the repetition of …

technical glitch

The timestamp problem continues. For the moment we shall remain text only until I’ve got the photo feed to work.

now that says chair

Marcus Fairs reviews the Marc Newson exhibition at the Design Museum in this month’s Icon magazine: “Few designers change the visual language of everyday life – Marc Newson is one,” blathers the first of the wall texts in this mid-career retrospective. “He has transformed the design of the objects and spaces around us through his …