I’ve been looking through a catalogue of designer chairs and between the pages of photos and construction drawings I found this (click on the images for full size):



It’s a delightfully drawn cartoon depicting three characters clambering over a world rotated through ninety degrees. I haven’t a clue what the dialogue says, if anybody could translate it for me and add some notes to the flickr.com images I’d be very grateful.

Curiously, the final panel in the series looks exactly like the opening panel of the picture book by Maurice Sendak, In the Night Kitchen, which was published around the same period. The furniture catalogue I found it in is from the mid 70’s. Perhaps a translation of the dialogue will uncover the link.

This is all rather neat, as the friend who the owns the furniture catalogue is also the same friend who recommended the Sendak book to me a few years ago; I’m looking forward to pointing out the connection to him when he gets back to the office. In the Night Kitchenis one of the best children’s books my son and I have read, it’s beautifully drawn and I can highly recommend it. Get a copy from Amazon or try eBay, I got a copy on auction for less than £5.