Everything’s connected at some level.

I’ve uploaded the sketch of the Orgone chair, as promised in a previous entry, and added some notes on the flickr.com page.


It’s a somewhat hurried affair, I think I must have sketched it whilst walking away from the Marc Newson stand at the show. As you can see, I also went to see Fight Club that month; a film that Adam Greenfield’s article (which I mentioned a couple of days ago) rightly suggests is one of the root causes of people’s discontent with the success of Ikea. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have an effect on me. It’s a great film that delivers new ideas with every sitting.

The hastily scribbled addresses for web sites on Newson watches, a photography magazine, Reclaim the Streets and a VR conference give a flavour of the stuff I was interested in at the time.

More connections: the following pages of the sketch book have notes from the lecture I mentioned in my entry about Symphony Hall. My favourite is the morphology of the performance space, showing the changing relationship between audience and action. From the amphitheatre to in-the-round to the modern fan shape, it seems that whilst the acoustics may have got better, the physical relationship between the performer and viewer has suffered.

theatre morphology

I also found a note of the lecturer’s web site: acousticdimensions.com. The research section has a link to a paper discussing the design of the Symphony Hall (PDF link).