the ultimate erotic act

Stolen from Jack’s flickr stream: Stonewall 3 by Monica Bonvicini at DCA.


Karim has pointed out in the comments that the British Museum organise sleepovers. I checked the web site and discovered that it’s part of the Young Friends club. They hold about 4 a year and they are themed. See you there!

the dark arts

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Tonight the museum possessed an almost oppresive quality. Long shadows encroached everywhere, and the usually soaring vaulted ceilings appeared as a low, black void. ‘This way,’ Fache said, turning sharply right and setting out throught a series of interconnected galleries. Langdon followed, his vision slowly adjusting to the …

radio recycle

Never let it be said that no, too self is unsustainable. I recycled the Little Nemo post and squeezed another entry out of it this week, and now I’ve reached back into the archives a little further and dusted off one those architectural anecdotes that I keep harping on about. Radio Bonfi, a project running …

I wake up to Nemo

A little while ago I posted a plea for help with a cartoon I had found in an old catalogue. Peter, with the help of his boss, kindly did a translation for me with help of flickr notes. It’s a curious little story and I was relieved to be able to enjoy the text as …

part 3 added

Notes from the summary of this lecture can be found in Part 3.

settling up

The third and final part of my notes on the Ole Scheeren lecture. *applause* Lecture over, it was time for questions from the audience. Suffering from ‘an obligation to blog’, my hand went up first. A microphone is passed to me. As usual for events such as this, it isn’t switched on. Feeling slightly foolish, …


As promised, here’s number 2 in the 1969 Architectural Review series entitled Manplan. The second issue focuses on communication. You can see the full set on my flickr account.

Poetic Cross-Dressing

We’ll have time for coffee flavoured kisses And a bit of conversation. My caffeine fix was served by a rather brusque Italian woman today. For once, the language on the menu matched the accent. It’s hardly authentic though, unlike the coffee shop that has just been protected with a Grade II listing by English Heritage. …