Found via The Gray Area; Marcus Trimble has saved me a job with his If Web Designers Had To Work Like Architects entry.

You’ll have probably seen the original elsewhere before – the one about how tough it is to noodle about with html/php/perl etc. and lose sleep over whether your project validates and it’s colours are web safe. I’m pleased to report that Marcus’ version is sure to mention the topic I thought was most important to include in any retort: liability

Oh, and if, like, seven years after you have finished the job, someone gets a papercut on a printout of the web page you designed advertising the local thai restaurant, then you will be liable for all damages. Granted, its not four square metres of glass spontaneously exploding, like, thirty-four stories in the air and showering down on an unsuspecting group of school children and their charity working teacher, but boy, them papercuts smart.

The rest of his site,, is certainly worth further examination. I offer my sincerest thanks to him for allowing me to cross off another item on the ever expanding list of journal-entries-I’ve-promised-to-write-but-still-haven’t-gotten-round-to-yet.

Tonight, I’m attending a lecture by a guy who makes architecture look like web design – Will Allsop. I’ll ask him about web safe colours.