Those of you who are avid listeners to Radio Stoke (hundreds of you, I’m sure) will have already heard me talk about a photography competition I’ve been running with some school kids in Stoke-on-Trent. Last week we presented the prizes and the radio station sent a reporter along. I had my computer set to record the internet stream, but mercifully (for you) it choked while I was away from my desk, so you’ll have to find some other way to hear my dulcit tones.

It was a big success, so I’m keen to share it here too. Here’s one of the entries:

kids with cameras

The rest can be viewed on the project web site I put together.

It’s a part of a few different methods of enquiry we’re using to develop a clear path towards some urban regeneration proposals. The output on this project provides several different benefits; the kids begin to feel some ownership of the problems and become more interested in a solution; they drag apathetic family members with them; we get a view from a different age group than would normally attend standard consultation events; images allow the kids to project their concerns more effectively than they might do with the written word.

We’ve also had a text messaging project running in a nearby neighbourhood but to my surprise it’s been a complete failure and had no interest. Next time I’m going to bring these two ideas together into one project…

*edit: I should also point out that all these fantastic pictures were taken with single-use disposable cameras

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  1. I tend to enjoy reading blogs from local people, however i wasnt pleased to the the NF displayed on the basket ball net, i know that our local area as become some what of a BNP target area but indirect promotion of political views such as this is not good!

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