Another Peel related entry: I was lucky enough to see a Half Man Half Biscuit gig this week. It’s Peel related because it was he who revitalised my appreciation of them years ago when he played their Paintball’s Coming Home one evening. Years before that I’d only heard Trumpton Riots, but it was through Peel I came to appreciate the true quality of their razor sharp social critique. They’re funny, intelligent and they play guitar. That’s enough for me.


Two hour set, all the classics, including 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd, Running Order Squabblefest, C.A.M.R.A. Man and
The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train

She stayed with me until
She moved to Notting Hill
She said it was the place she needs to be

Where the cocaine is fair trade
And frequently displayed
Is the Buena Vista Social Club CD

There was an interesting mix of people in the crowd but one thing bound us all together; no matter what our background, every single one of us has at some point had our ego sliced in two by a painfully accurate song line that’s exposed us for what we really are. Great stuff.

Somewhat reluctantly, I’m going to post some video. I say reluctantly because if you’re not a fan already then the crappy phonecam quality won’t help matters; but it’s here so I might as well share it.

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