You have until next Monday to hear Andrew Marr talk to Anish Kapoor and Deyan Sudjic discussing shape on Radio 4’s Start the Week

Here’s a taster:

Kapoor: To make new art one needs to make new space…a little history of the way I understand this…Medieval space, if one goes back that far, was flat; then of course the Renaissance, and much has been said about space receding into the distance – perspective and so forth; then of course romantic space, which I think is very, very interesting and exciting – the idea of the threshold beyond which there is vastness and voidness, the self lost, in which, in a sense, time stands still.

Marr: Does that take you forward to abstract impressionism?

Kapoor: Well I suspect it does. In many ways these strands overlap, but one might say that modernist space – Brancusi, the Rocket, onwards, upwards, progress etc are phallic space in a sense. Then perhaps with Mies van der Rohe and Donald Judd one might begin to speak about space enclosed. What does that leave? It seems to me, to speak about contemporary space, one begins to think about a different idea and I’m really interested that space turns itself inward.

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