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follow the light

A few weeks ago I was taken to task by my friend Matthew over my enthusiasm for Walsall Art Gallery. I mounted a defence and then we agreed to let the building have the final say and pay it a visit together. I don’t expect to have to say anything further. By way of preperation, […]

listen again

You have until next Monday to hear Andrew Marr talk to Anish Kapoor and Deyan Sudjic discussing shape on Radio 4’s Start the Week Here’s a taster: Kapoor: To make new art one needs to make new space…a little history of the way I understand this…Medieval space, if one goes back that far, was flat; […]

latest discoveries: via <a href=""></a> casting the net wider ‘…Bookmarked items in that end in one of a number of filetypes will now automatically get some system tags added…RSS feeds that have one of those system tags will automatically become a rss-with-enclosures file…’ Riffathon 2004/5 ‘…The Riffathon is an annual guitar competition designed to encourage players of all […]

power tool

A fellow LUG member on the power of using Linux: I think Linux is like a power-tool. In the right hands and with plenty of practice it can produce beautifully crafted custom-built furniture but many people would just damage themselves trying to use it without instruction. Linux is for people who are willing to go […]

reciprocal data

Bugger me. Somebody built my Info Pimp Force Diagram.

latest discoveries: via <a href=""></a>

The Big Draw ‘…The Campaign for Drawing invites everyone to join in, using drawing as a tool for engaging with the past, present and future. ‘…The Campaign for Drawing invites everyone to join in, using drawing as a tool for engaging with the past, present and the drawing club ‘…a blog about drawing (and a […]


From an e-mail received by The Gutter, regarding Google’s logo tweak to celebrate the birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright: Telling people you’re an architect and having them say they like Frank Lloyd Wright is like telling them you’re a novelist and being told they like Steinbeck. It’s like, um, okay… The only thing worse is […]


Another Peel related entry: I was lucky enough to see a Half Man Half Biscuit gig this week. It’s Peel related because it was he who revitalised my appreciation of them years ago when he played their Paintball’s Coming Home one evening. Years before that I’d only heard Trumpton Riots, but it was through Peel […]

Architecture Week

The program for the opening day of Architecture Week here in the UK just landed in my inbox… Architecture Week Launch Trafalgar Square Saturday 11 June 13.00 – 17.00 FREE music * performance * installation * demonstration — Freeness (13.00 – 14.00 and 15.00 – 16.00) Bringing us tracks created by African, Asian, Caribbean and […]

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WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: 23 MP3s of Wild and Wooly Vocal Stylings ‘…All manner of vocal stylings, ranging from Ethiopian herdsmen serenading their cow’s udders to avant garde types with microphones lodged in their esophaguses…’ Katarxis 3: New Science, New Urbanism — New Architecture? September 2004 publication – usual suspects: Alexander, Duany, Krier, Salingaros […]