We cast another drawing board onto the scrap heap today, there is only one left in our office now. This one belonged to Tony, our oldest architect, and was probably at least 50 years old. All that remains of it is this scan of the bottom right hand corner.


How times change. Here’s Tony’s response to computers when they first appeared in our office about 8 years ago.


I found that while we were tidying up around his board today. Old dogs and new tricks? Not true. Here’s a picture I took before I left the office this afternoon.


iTony. He’s our Photoshop whizz. Before any of you write in and start telling me how one should never turn your back on drawing by hand, calm down; give him a pencil and he’ll still out design every one of you.

Icon magazine recently ran an article on the illustrator Jasper Goodall. They called him legendary. There’s at least one very good reason why Jasper has been so successful – have a guess who his father is…

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