Regular, substantial entries have been thin on the ground lately for a number of reasons. One of which is the time I’ve been investing in a side project along with my friends Stephen and Matthew. This one is really just for people who live in my city. We have finally gone live with a project …

hello all

Latest news from Liz Rowe: Hello All, I’ll be showing two pieces of work in Leicester over the next month or so. The shows are part of a wider open studios event which you can find out about at: On Monday 29th August there will be an opening at the Leicester Creative Business Depot: …

blind contour friday

Stuck in a terrible traffic jam on the motorway on Friday, I was travelling so slow I could reach for my pen and try my first submission for blind contour Friday run by Inkfinger. I think I need some practice.

memo 2

and this too: Lagos Chop Up (Honest Jon’s)

Who are you?

The only bit of Live 8 that made any sense to me was the Who’s performance. They played Who Are You? with the faces of world leaders flashing up behind them and followed it with Won’t Get Fooled Again – one of the best records ever made – meet the new boss, same as the …


Note to self – buy this single: William Campbell & Kevin MacNeil – ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’ (7″) (Fantastic Plastic)

flat eric

Almost forgot. I did some work with the Quake modelling engine too. The eye-level of the view point is a little too high for domestic scale work though. Say hello to Flat Eric and his machine gun. Full set can be found at flickr. Believe it or not, this one actually got built. Eventually.


It beat me. Back in 2002 I spent what felt like half my life experimenting with the modelling tools used to create Half Life. My goal being to create a virtual model of my building that the viewer would have complete control over. The first time I sat in front of the game and lifted …

seminal texts

ArchNewsNow provides a link to an article about how ‘…Markus Breitschmid‚Äôs book, “Der bauende Geist. Friedrich Nietzsche und die Architektur,” or “The Building Spirit. Friedrich Nietzsche and Architecture,” has been selected by the Institute of Philosophy in Karlsruhe-Germany as one of 14 seminal texts…’. The rest of the list makes for a useful resource to …

U2 on tour

The Edge: “Touring will always be a very important aspect of what we do. When we’re in the studio, getting close to finishing a song, you inevitably start thinking about how it’s going to be performed. A song you don’t think you’d play live, that’s not a good song.” Interesting. That’s exactly what I was …