Regular, substantial entries have been thin on the ground lately for a number of reasons. One of which is the time I’ve been investing in a side project along with my friends Stephen and Matthew. This one is really just for people who live in my city.

We have finally gone live with a project we’ve been threatening to get off the ground for months – the Wolverhampton Freecycle initiative. Here’s the site:

For anyone new to the freecycle idea (it’s been up and running in the US since May 2003 and there are plenty of other UK groups) it’s about swapping and giving away stuff you no longer need rather than letting it become landfill. You post to a mailing list stating whether you are offering something or if you want a particular thing and hopefully you’ll be able to hook up with someone locally to get/give what you want.

Freecycle groups are primarily run using Yahoo groups but we’ve decided to have a separate front page and offer a little more. We’re experimenting with the cool new way you can get to spit out your latest bookmarks – check out the bottom of our site…

So, no excuses, I expect to see all of you (who live near me) signed up and feverishly giving stuff away. We’re hoping to get a bit of PR done on the radio and local papers soon so that we can achieve a critical mass of people to get it really moving.

If you don’t live near me, unlucky, but please, do me a favour and link us up on your blogs.