The public speaks. Or perhaps just a bunch of architects. Who knows what the visitor list consists of at the New London Architecture exhibition? Is it just gaining interest from people in the trade (and related trades) or is it pulling people in off the street?

Whoever they are, they’re certainly proving to be a perceptive and outspoken bunch as the wall of postcards containing comments demonstrates.

Here’s my submission:

NLA comments 1

I was in the mood for a simple expression of preference and support. I managed to squeeze in a visit last week for about twenty minutes, in between attending the opening night of the We’re Not Afraid exhibition, meeting with Avril to discuss how to deliver a world tour and running across Euston Station to dive on the 11:40 Pendolino back to Birmingham.

Since Dan Hill has already nailed an extensive and unbeatable review of the exhibition, I’ve decided to just provide a supplement and offer a photo set of visitor’s comments, see here for the full set: I’m 93 you know

NLA comments 4