It seems that the last 12 months has indeed been the year that the WWW finally got useful. Ten years on and we finally got there. Blosxom, Bloglines, Usemod, Flickr, PlanetPlanet, and now Librarything1 (and of course, del.icio.us2).

We all need structure and I think I need it more than others thanks to my restless scatterbrain. I started adding things to my catalogue and must have been at least 3 or 4 books in before I’d actually worked out how librarything could be most useful to me – pending/unfinished reading lists controlled with tags. I can syphon off groups using combinations of tags: nonfiction, philosophy, unfinished (for when I’m feeling serious); or fiction, humour, unread (for when I’m not).

A great idea that can surely only get better, go and take a look.

1. This is just some of the tools I use, not an attempt at a comprehensive list.
2. incredibly, I almost forgot this one, thanks to John Hill for reminding me in the comments about the tool I use every day.