I’m back in the saddle after a little time away from work and information technology. The office is a little quieter than usual at the moment; partly due to a touch of autumnal melancholy, partly due to the fact that we’re a man down. My colleague, friend and axe mentor, Alan Morrissey, has jumped ship and taken a job with the new Birmingham outpost of Ken Shuttleworth’s practice Make. He’ll be working on the new extension to the Mailbox development that I mentioned a few months ago.

Good luck Al, I’ll be thinking of you every time a Loudon Wainwright track shuffles to the top of the office Wurlitzer. He doesn’t have a web site, but you could still join me in wishing him good luck, as I’ve just caught him posting a comment over at City Of Sound: Paper buildings force the return of maintenance?

I’m sure Dan won’t mind us hijacking his thread for well wishing.

For the next few entries you and I are going to get out and about more. We’ll get some fresh air, be more haptic and allow our eyes to be bigger than our bellies.

During my break I’ve seen some stuff and made some stuff worth sharing. Here’s the agenda:

  • Simeon Solomon & the Pre-Raphaelites
  • Chinese Woodblock Printing
  • Weather Guitar
  • Eve’s Pudding
  • How to get felt
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Architecture, you and me
  • Climbing to stand still

I’ll add links as we go and with a bit of luck we’ll also catch a couple of long neglected entry categories along the way. Somewhere in the midst of all that I suppose I’ll have to stop shirking and say something about the Stirling Prize. No promises though.

p.s. – Great news: Joel is back. Bad news: I’ve had to switch comments off temporarily while I deal with some spam. V. Bad news: Comment spam continues – mail me instead.