I was thinking, during my journey along the motorway this morning, about how I should best convey the news to new readers that this isn’t purely an architecture blog. Perhaps 50% is Architecture, another 20% is architecture and the remaining 30% is more general notes to self which may (or, more usually, may not) be loosely connected to architecturification architecturing making stuff.

Checking my latest stats at mybloglog.com when I arrived at the office gave me the solution. Here are a sample of some number one ranking Google queries that have brought people to my door over the last week.

I fear there may actually be more stuff than Architecture.

1. UPDATE: OK, much weirdness – this one seems to have fallen off the radar, I swear it was working a few days ago. It’s a shame, I was hoping that the high art of the first one would balance out the low art of the last one.