I promised a series of more haptic entries and then disappeared back into the Real World to deal with the all too haptic experience of moving house. So, where were we?

Amidst the colours, shapes, sounds and smells of childhood rests the memories of certain TV personalities. Delia Smith, Ken Hom, Madhur Jaffrey – all regulars on our TV thanks to my Mother’s interest in cooking.

Nestled in there, alongside Delia’s half hearted smile, Madhur’s sari, and Ken’s wok, is the nameless domestic godess from the cover of the Be-Ro recipe book.


My mother’s cookery skills have long since surpassed the need for recipe books so I recently liberated it in order to share it with you. I tried the ‘Eve’s pudding’ a couple of weeks ago and can report that it’s fantastic with custard. Put down your Jamie Oliver and get back to basics.

victoria_sandwich eves_pudding

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