It’s been a year and a half since we met and since then we’ve been together everyday; inseperable, living in each other’s pockets.

We’ve seen so much together. Shared so many sights.

I remember it all as if it was yesterday.

The highlights, the low lights, the traffic lights, the tea lights.

35700-a 35171 32353 18720

We’ve had our head in the clouds but kept our feet on the ground. There were mood swings, there were head spins.

20795 62346 42697 86039

We’ve been underground, overground, wombling, free.

90569 66425 65962 80178

Off like a rocket and back to earth with a splash. Took time to reflect. Let off some steam.

50619 41814 39697 42696

We’ve reached the summit, hit the tarmac but remembered to roll with it. 1

But despite all that, or perhaps even because of all that, I’ve decided to move on. I’ve been seeing someone else. I can’t help it, I’m seduced by her promise to show me the world more clearly and widen my horizon.


And her digital zoom.

Farewell, Nokia 6230.2

Hello, Ericsson k750i

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2.For the full, gory details of our relationship, view our diary of the past year and half on