I bought my first Apple product yesterday. A big part of the attraction with Apple products is the quality of the design, right? A comprehensive approach that gets all the details just right, right?

Rob: ‘I’d like a 60Gb iPod in black* please.’
Apple: ‘That’ll be £299 please.’
Rob: ‘I assume the headphones that come with that are black as well.’
Apple: ‘Er, no, they’re white.’
Rob: ‘What?! That’s rubbish.’
Apple: ‘Well, the iPod’s s’posed to be white, innit?’

I bought the white one instead. I’ve been deliberating for months about what mp3 player to get and at one time had seriously thought about a DIY project. In the end, the temptation to be able to carry everything I have was just too great. The Beethoven/Slipknot/Otis Redding/Ozric Tentacles shuffle induced train wrecks were irresistable.

To the point of this entry (the last thing the world needs is another blog entry on iPods): I’m looking for suggestions on good podcasts to add to my Odeo subscriptions.

What do you listen to?

* architects dig black, right?