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RIBA Bookshops – Good Practice Guide: Keeping out of Trouble ‘…We all get it wrong from time to time and are aware of others mistakes, yet the evidence shows that we still never learn from these mistakes…’ – Who? Me? (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

today’s links – Mapmaking and the archeology of the future ‘…While it’s technically interesting, impressive, geeky, and all that, I think it’s interface also illustrates a shift in what we’re perceiving maps to be…’ cityofsound: Two possible Google Earth extensions: time and sound ‘…I could spend all day exploring this Google Earth, but it strikes me …

thrown away

Damn it. I missed an opportunity to enter a photography competition in BD magazine. The winners have just been published. Developing nicely – 27 January 2006 What you see … is the fruit of the ninth BD/Zumtobel photo competition which gives Building Design readers the chance to show off their photo skills with nothing more …


Despite responding with this: Curse you Mottram! It’ll give me something to do on the tram at least. I shall take a leaf out of Anne’s book and show the latest meme some love. Why get grumpy when somebody takes the time to reach out and say hello? Four jobs I’ve had: Dish washer in …

king kong in brum

Inspired by the latest entry at, a link to Keith Berry’s wonderful photos of old Birmingham has reminded about some photos I uploaded last year. King Kong on the move. He used to live in the city centre, then ended up on a car sales forecourt for a few years until the students at …

today’s links

HassleMe ‘…Not eating enough fruit? Forgot to feed the fish again? Need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us what to hassle you about, and we’ll nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals…’ (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

notes from the housekeeper

Weirdness continues. Cut me some slack while I get to grips with the aggregator that pulls together the words and pictures. Comments are back on with better anti-spam measures thanks to help from Bill Ward. Currently naked due to lack of CSS but it’s a start. Unfortunately the widget that tells me you posted a …

tower crane

more BT tower posted for Kozika this entry has more images (link) [no, 2 self photos]

wood blocks

(link) [no, 2 self photos]