urban splashed

Rotunda refurbed and resold (link) [no, 2 self photos]

picture this

Found in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham – an alternate plane of reality that only aligns with ours from one particular coordinate. (link) [no, 2 self photos]

or aura

this entry has more images (link) [no, 2 self photos]

look out

(link) [no, 2 self photos]

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Flickr: Grocer’s Apostrophe ‘…I want this group to document the ridiculous advent in English of the dreaded grocer`s apostrophe. Visit and post your own horrid examples…’ (via Jack) Mute magazine – Culture and politics after the net Mute relaunch: ‘…For years, it has been Mute’s dream to conduct its publishing on a more participatory platform …