Catching up with some old Radio 3 programs this evening. Firstly, The Renzo Piano interview by John Tulsa.

RP: “…by the way, architecture is also a very polluted art in the sense that it’s polluted by life, by the complexity of things.”

JT: “By compromise.”

RP: “Yes, by compromise, but in some way this compromised art becomes more real and more true than other art.”

JT: “Because you have to deal with the compromise, you can’t walk away and say ‘I won’t make a compromise.'”

RP: “Exactly, so the secret is that you don’t really do compromise, you are just confronted by life all the time.”

Sounds familiar.

Also worth a listen are the Night Waves: Landmarks programs. For an architectural fix you could try the program on FLW’s Guggenheim and listen for the connection with my old entry entitled That Building.

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