I should explain my choice of image. I’m talking primarily about the early diagrammatic, conceptual level of idea exploration. The level at which the softness (4B) of the pencil and the amount of pressure you apply through your fingertips has a direct influence on the outcome. The sketch is from a house design I was recently working on and represents a key turning point in the process. The action of drawing those ellipses (having chosen to rotate my thoughts and the client’s actions through 45 degrees) some slowly, some fast, some darker, some lighter, was as important as the result itself. Months later, I still remember the action as much as the image and if the project goes ahead the memory will still be there to call upon when I’m stood on site talking about where to put the plug sockets.

It seemed important to say this, as that evening I went home and had fun briskly drawing up some ideas in Sketchup. Drawing up.

Jack understands the value of pencils too.