You may already know, from things I’ve said in the past, that as a rule, I tend to get excited by process. The cause rather than effect. So, as a rule, I’m not a big fan of rules of form that prejudice the final effect before you’ve fully understood the cause.

Rules can be broken. Standing on one of the upper levels of the foyer under the Pyramide at the Louvre with sketchbook in hand, I realised that I was looking at a pattern book. A pattern book of formal effects that you could point at and say, I’ll have a bit of this, a touch of that and smattering of the other.

So here it is, the I.M. (Meat) Pie Pei. It’s got the lot.


If I were Rod McLaren I’d tell you that you could visit this location by standing at the base of Nelson’s Column.

See it in full colour in the Paris photo set.

Watch for it when The Da Vinci Code movie is released in a few weeks.

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