Following on from the podcast to cover your journey to Birmingham, here’s an annotated walk to the office for tomorrow’s ‘Open Practice’ day. Either follow it by walking the streets or be lazy and download a copy of Google Earth then use it to open this file:

Alternatively, add a ‘network link’ to the above url and get the live version that I may update occasionally.

I’ve recorded some audio to go with it but I’ve got to try and reduce some of the wind noise on it before I publish it. Howling gales between the buildings played havoc with my microphone.


Audio guide to the office:

Podcast Episode 2ArchWeekWalk and an ArchWeekAnecdote.

Upload to your mp3 player and follow the directions.

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See you tomorrow today!

The images linked to the Google Earth file are here: ArchWeekWalk flickr set.

info shed bt tower tesco metro grovesnor house natwest civic-centre