It’s with a heavy heart that I return to this journal. On Thursday of last week at 4am, my friend Tony Goodall lost his fight with an illness that had hospitalized him a few weeks earlier. It all happened much quicker than any of us expected and at the time I was on holiday, camping in North Devon. To begin with I felt guilty about being away from the office, but I know that Tony would have heartily approved of me spending the week under canvas, drinking red wine, reading Proust and watching kites being flown on the beach.

Upon my return to the office this week I wrote a few words about him in my notebook (click for larger versions or get the PDFs). Since his influence resulted in many past journal entries I’m going to post it here followed by some links to a few relevant pieces that you and I owe to his wisdom and creativity.




Links: Death of a Drawing Board, Brighton Memory Palace and Concrete Evidence.