A couple of quotes from an interview with Anish Kapoor in Saturday’s Grauniad; posted here partly as a further addition to past Kapoor entries and partly because interviews with artists who laugh a lot are so bloody rare.

On new, inverted, dark space:

Well, says the interviewer Simon Hattenstone, everything you paint or make seems like a fanny in one way or another.

Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! My art is upside down and inside out. Absolutely. I’ve always said that. You might be quoting me there, hahahaha! I would say that to make new art, you need to make new space. The modernist space, all the great modern art, has been like the rocket, phallic, onwards and upwards. The new space is the opposite of that. It’s in the gutter, it’s deep, dark inverted, it’s inside out. If you think what the space of the internet is, it’s a curious non-space – it’s like it’s turning itself inside out because you can create so much more space by going in and deep. So this is, in a curious way, the future, and it links psychologically to the past and, as you say, it’s sexual.

On the kinds of form:

There are only two kinds of form. The one that sticks out and the form that sticks in. Everything else is flat, that’s a fact.