Disclaimer: Whilst the following post may result in a return favour for me from Graphisoft (see update), I’m more than happy to pass on the news that ArchiCAD is now available for free to students. Back in the days of my undergraduate education I bought a student license of version 5 (which cost about £150 then) and it saw me through the rest of my course admirably. It’s a great piece of software. Visit the diploma projects in the academic section of my site for proof, and keep in mind that there’s been five more versions since then.

Hello Robert,

I was going through your blog, and perhaps you’ll find this is of interest.

I’d like to know if your site would be able to help pass on a great message to architectural students who visit – that they can now download the latest full version of Archicad FOR FREE. This Graphisoft policy began only a few weeks ago, and we’re sure students would greatly appreciate hearing this from you.

Students start out with a 30-day license code while we check their status, then they get a year’s code (which can be extended if their study goes beyond this.)

Navigate your visitors here to get more info:


There are also some buttons for anyone else who feels the need to big up ArchiCAD on their site: eduregistration.graphisoft.com/linktous/.

But hey, don’t forget about your pencil.