Found via news – Bob the Builder goes green:

Bob the Builder has gone green! Parents of small children watching Bob the Builder episodes this week may have been bemused to see Bob installing an aerial on a yurt, a window in a dome and attending to a problem at the sunflower oil processing plant.

It seems that while Bob was building an extension for Mr Adams, a local architect in Bobsville, he heard Adams talking about a competition, which he had entered, to develop Sunflower Valley, a place that Bob used to visit as a child. Fearing Adam’s plan will turn Sunflower Valley into a crowded environmentally unfriendly development that will devastate the countryside; Bob entered the competition himself with a design for a green town intended to complement the local environment.

I’ve yet to see the episode in question and I’m unable to report on how well Bob’s green town performs under other legislation such as Secured by Design, Lifetime Homes, Building for Life, CABE recommendations, Scheme Development Standards, Ecohomes, Code for Sustainable Homes and SAP calculations. However, from what I know from several years of watching Bob’s career develop, it’ll undoubtedly fail miserably unless Wendy steps in and sorts it out.

3 thoughts on “Bob the green builder

  1. I bought this episode unsuspectingly for my son. Mr Adams was planning a mini Shanghai with golf courses, hotels and nightclubs boo hiss!. Luckily Bob was up all night working on his model to save the day. Everytime I see it I wonder if I should dispose of it quietly before my son starts to see me as some sort of monster!

  2. My kids have graduated onto the slightly older programs, so we missed it. They hopefully still have faith in my architectural principles.

    Would like to see it though. I’ll have to look for it in the shops.

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