A few weeks ago I read an entry on the always informative downloadsquad.com blog that pointed me to the Google Co-op project. It was a how-to explaining an easy way to construct a list of sites to include in a custom search engine by importing your XML list of sites from your RSS reader. The geek in me who still remembers the day his father came home with a Spectrum 48k couldn’t resist experimenting, so today I’m launching the no2self architecture and design blog search:



Currently it’s built around the following blogs:

I’ve undoubtedly overlooked many worthy sites so let me know in the comments who I’m missing. I expect to use this in a couple of ways. Aside from the obvious ability to refine new topic searches to specific sites you trust and admire, I think it will also prove very useful for mining for old vaguely remembered entries that passed by you in an RSS blur.

I had to give it a description so I took the line of least resistance and just went for ‘architecture and design’ but this doesn’t really reflect the variety of ideas and topics you’ll find in the above sites. Be open minded with other suggestions too and tell me about thinkers/writers who could bring something fresh to the search engine.

10 thoughts on “search me

  1. there’s this rendering i’ve been looking for of some townhouses, that i know i saw on one of those blogs.

    but the search engine highlights the need to put 'noindex, nofollow' on your archive/category pages, since 90% of the stuff that search engine turns up is not blog entries, but pages that the blog entry used to appear on, and doesn’t anymore.

  2. sorry my comment sounds whiny up there, i mean to start that with:

    “hey, thanks, this is just what i’ve been looking for, since “…

    but either my brain or my browser forgot.

    this is an awesome idea, thanks

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