Architecture Week is upon us and we’ll be taking part in Open Practice in Birmingham again this year. Axis Design will be opening it’s doors to the public on Friday 22nd June to talk about our latest work; the topic this year is How Green Is Our Space? We’ve had a very successful year developing a number of projects with a strong green agenda and I’m excited about the opportunity to get some comments and input from visitors.

Unfortunately, to my bitter disappointment, we weren’t included in this year’s paper catalogue. After a few moments of cursing and wondering whether to call it off for fear of lack of advertising I gathered my thoughts and realised I had a secret weapon: You.

Please, help me spread the word and flex my Google muscles a little. Pass it on, tell your friends, link me up – I’ve put an entry on the office web site with more details, please drop it into whatever blogging, bookmarking, digging, tumbling tools you have at your command:

Architecture Week Open Practice Day

Better yet, come and see me next week, I’d love to show you some of the work we’ve been doing. Failing that, I have a shiny new digital whiteboard to play with and if you’re lucky I’ll get some biscuits in.

Axis Design Open Practice

Continuing in the yearly tradition, I’ve picked out a few items (after the jump) from the Architecture Week events list for the West Midlands. Work your way through as many as you can and then come and tell me about them when you visit next Friday! Last year’s podcasts and Google Earth route is still available to help you find your way to the office.

Dream Spaces

(June 20, 21, 22, 23,)
A week of screenings and talks to explore the imaginative worlds suggested by the miniature works of acclaimed US artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. Dream Spaces invites contributors including Sadie Plant and Kevin McCoy to explore architecture, philosophy and memory through film.

Venue: VIVID
140 Heath mill lane
B9 4AR

Bus Routes: 4, 5, 6, 15, 17, 37,56,57,58,60,97,
Trains: Birmingham New St, Birmingham Moor St
Underground/Metro: –
Trams: –
Other: A45,A41, A38

Contact: Yasmeen Baig-clifford

City of the Immortals

(June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,)
The City of the Immortals is based upon the Jorges Luis Borges short story ‘The Immortal’. In a narrative series of photographic images, the fictional city Borges describes is reconstructed for the camera to represent an unbuilt, literary environment. The exhibition is supported by MADE.

Venue: MADE
122 Fazeley Street,
B5 5RS

Trains: Moor Street

Contact: Michelle Lord
Michelle Lord

Future Ruins

(June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,)
Inspired by author JG Ballard’s mid-period novels, ‘Future Ruins’ connects the remaining architectural examples of Birmingham’s concrete past with Ballard’s vision of the contemporary landscape, his prophetic views on Brutalist architecture and the technological demise of the urban environment.

Venue: The Birmingham and Midland Institute
Margaret Street
B3 3BS

Trains: Snow Hill

Contact: Michelle Lord
Michelle Lord

Stuff and Nonsense

(June 22, 23, 24,)
A mysterious archival installation – rummage by torchlight through the darkness of our unwritten history exploring stuff and nonsense in a series of ‘Posterity Cabinets’ or delve into the ‘Chaotic Cluster’ of an absurdist database. View a short film called ‘Museum’ evoking the site’s history.

Venue: Former Sciene and Industry Museum
144 Newhall Street

Contact: Anna Cook
Fierce Earth

Day Out at the Festival of Xtreme Building

(June 16,)
Join us as we launch Architecture Week with our friends at the Festival of Xtreme Building, with a day of events for all the family: installations, art commissions and performance events to take in. Check out

Venue: Festival of Xtreme Building Site
Masshouse Circus

Contact: Anna Cook
Fierce Earth

Architectural Walk of neglected buildings in Digbeth and Deritend

(June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,)
These historic parts of the city, settled in Medieval times, hold many interesting buildings. We invite you to take a stroll down the back streets of this fascinating district, and imagine what it might be like if these tired old buildings could be rejuvinated and onces again buzzing with life.

Venue: Various


Contact: Joe Holyoak
Joe Holyoak, Architects

Preview Tours of Town Hall Birmingham

(June 18, 20,)
Town Hall is currently undergoing a £35m renovation and we are hugely fortunate to be able to offer two exclusive preview tours of the new building. Be one of the first people to step inside this sublime building, set to be one of the country’s most iconic concert halls.

Venue: Town Hall Birmingham
Victoria Square

Birmingham Box Office

Architecture Week Lecture

Tom Bloxham is group chairman and co-founder of Urban Splash, and a pioneer of urban renewal in Manchester and Liverpool. His company Urban Splash is one of the most successful in the country, and has won many awards. Projects in the West Mids include buildings such as Fort Dunlop and The Rotunda.

Venue: CBSO Centre
Berkley Street

Fierce Earth

School of Architecture Summer Graduate Shows

(June 21, 22, 23,)
A chance to see the work of some of the most innovative Architecture graduates from Birmingham’s School of Architecture.

Venue: BIAD Gosta Green
Corporation Street
B4 7DX

Contact: Robin Dobson
New Generation Arts Festival

Stay Away From Lonely Places

(June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,)
Ever had suspicions about what really happens behind the doors of the city? Find out with this part fact, part fantasy downloadable self-guided audio tour – from award – winning B’ham comedienne Janice Connolly, aka Mrs Barbara Nice, and NY storyteller and artist, Nicole Blackman.

Venue: Fierce TV
Fierce TV Website
B18 6NF

Contact: Anna Cook
Fierce Earth

BBC/RIBA Radio Debate

(June 19,)
Broadcasts to raise the profile of architecture in the region, following on from the David Dimbleby series “How We Built Britain”. The debate focuses on current projects and issues in the Birmingham area. Panellists include Glenn Howells, Professor Carl Chinn, Dr Simon Murphy and Terry Grimley.

Venue: BBC WM
The Mailbox

BBC Action Line

Open Practice – Sustainable housing design

(June 22,)
Visit our office and talk to us about: live, sustainable housing design projects exploring solar passive architecture techniques; regeneration using innovative online methods of community consultation; affordable suburban housing and architecture blogs! (see web site for special arch week podcast)

Venue: Axis Design Collective
Crosby Court, 28 George Street
B3 1QG

Bus Routes: 8A, 8C, 101
Trains: New Street, Birmingham
Trams: St Pauls or Jewellery Quarter
Contact: Rob Annable
Axis Design Collective