John Hill over at Archidose has tagged me with this refreshingly simple meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

John’s Gibson quoting choice talks of ‘…the hopes of maintaining any semblance of longterm autonomy over our fates…’ and the book nearest me seems to fit nicely into the theme of controlling fate as well as the very title of this blog.

Latest meme

Like the double action of the human heart, the heartbeat of the universe implies duality, a cosmic pulse, an alternation of in-breathing and out-breathing, of manifestation and rest. To the Buddhist good and evil are relative and not absolute terms. The cause of evil is man’s inordinate desires for self.

from Buddhism by Christmas Humphries, first published 1951

I like the phrase manifestation and rest. It’s been duly noted for future use as a spatial/temporal description.

I hereby tag:

Avril Korman
Fred Scharmen
Owen Hatherley
Rod Mclaren
Ralf Zeigermann

2 thoughts on “page 123

  1. Closest book to bed, since there’s not a book that big right near my desk at the moment.

    To prove I am even geekier than you ever dreamed…

    “We transferred ourselves therefore to that part of the boat that was highest out of the water, in order to lighten that part which was down in the sea, and so if possible, but our own added weight depressing the former, to bring the whole again to a level; but it was all of no avail…For some time we thus ineffectually struggled to bring to an equilibrium the vessel thus balanced on the waves: but the wind suddenly shifted to the other side so that the ship was almost sent under water, and instantly that part of the boar which had been down in the waves was now violently thrown up, and the part formerly raised on high was crushed down into the waters… the same thing happening a third, and a fourth, nay. many times, we thus imitated the motion of the ship”

    -Aristotle, Mechanics

    From The Ancient Engineers, L. Sprague de Camp

  2. Ha, well I’m at work so this is what you get, quoth the AUTODESK REVIT BUILDING 9 USER’S GUIDE:

    “Revit Building has even labeled the height and width dimensions. Use the reference planes to create your sketches for your door geometry. If necessary, modify the dimensions to the sizes you want to create for your first door”

    Typical Revit Ontology: use the the off-the-shelf givens we’ve helpfully provided for you, or jump out one level and change the meta-rules as req’d. Typically, they make it sound easy, when those three sentences probably take a half day to execute. Breathing or sailing, it ain’t.

    Will do a proper repost and spread the virus once I get home.

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