Deep joy(sts)

Deep joy(sts), originally uploaded by eversion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Walsall Art Gallery is wonderful. A delight waiting at every turn.

Moore AD covers

I found another one… Po-mo blast off! Inside, Charles Moore reviews Jenck’s ‘The Language of Post-Modern Architecture’: Whatever it’s called, it is probably more useful to to consider how to do it. Here I think Jencks prescription for a ‘radical eclecticism’ is incomplete. His concept of ‘multivalence’ seems to be entirely to do with architecture …

AD covers from the 1970s

Provided mostly as a supplement to the latest post by The Sesquipedalist, I’ve dug out some old cover images from AD magazine in the 70s. Much better qualified to explain the history of architectural journalism than I, The Sesquipedalist sets the scene: During the “book business model” of the ’70s, where the magazine almost completely …

eames diagram

eames diagram, originally uploaded by eversion. So it turns out Eames was a fan of the Venn diagram approach to design thinking too. Here’s his interpretation, as presented in The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher.