4 responses to “The Passivhaus Style”

  1. Nick Grant

    Nice post

    Timely as I’m doing a talk on ‘is there a Passivhaus Style?’ at the next Denby Dale training day on Monday.

    Particularly like the bit about a problem becoming an opportunity.

    We can’t cheat the laws of physics and I get a bit fed up when some Architects blame the energy consultant for delivering the message, such as a West facing glass wall will lead to lots of heat loss in winter and overheating in summer.

    The expressed structure aesthetic has been particularly used by many ‘eco-architects’ with rafters, glulams or even whole tree trunks passing through the thermal envelope. This isn’t something we see in nature (except with compound fractures). Generally the structure is inside OR outside. Teeth come close to breaking this rule as many of us know to our cost.

    This is probably why the natural world is so devoid of beauty and variation. :-)

    Look forward to reading your other posts.

  2. Rob

    Thanks Nick. A timely comment from you too as I was talking to the guys from Architype only last night about their huge unbroken slab twittering and they told me they were working with you on it.

    I’d better get on with part two of this, I have another criticism that I think needs discussion…

  3. Nick Devlin


    Nice post. I’m sitting my CEPH exam this Saturday (if I can get back to the BRE in Watford) so I’m all over PH at the moment.

    In relation to the implications on architectural expression, take a moment to compare 2 of BERE architects certified PH schemes. The Ebbw Vale houses are cubic and simple, whilst they appear to be having more fun at Ranulf Road, aka the Camden Passiv Haus.

    I’ve seen the drawings to both and I would suggest that making the details work requires an enormous effort to reduce the complex to the less complex…

    I havent spoken to Justin at BEre about it, but I wonder whether they were feeling more confident with the requirements and this gave them more licence on the built form (subject to cost of course)

    Speak soon.