self promotion

The RIBA should employ Paul Arendt from the Guardian to write all their publicity material: The architect is an archetype, marinated in cinema history: he is intelligent, scrupulously fair-minded (Henry Fonda’s juror No 8 in 12 Angry Men was an architect), wealthy and creative. He’s secretly romantic, like Tom Hanks. He’s hubristic but brilliant, like […]

more info

Did a little more digging this morning and found more info about La Dolce Vita at I haven’t read it all yet, just quickly scanned it, as I haven’t finished watching the movie. However, I notice that they picked out the same section of the script as I did on Saturday night.

the sweet life

I’m spending the evening of my birthday watching a film. Sometimes the dark silence of the night weighs upon me. Peace makes me afraid; perhaps I distrust it above all. I feel it’s only a facade concealing the abyss. I think of the world my children will know. It’s supposed to be marvellous but a […]

Not so much an after life, more a sort of apres vie

Much to my embarrassment, I almost missed this. The book that taught me how to read and helped me develop my sense of humour has finally started to take shape as a movie. Filming has started for the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie and you can follow the latest news on the production […]