in btween

A quick note to highlight some places I’ll be this week, in the hope that you’ll come by and say hello if you happen to be there too… Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in a workshop event leading up to the btween conference in Manchester. I’m very flattered to find myself invited along to play […]

The Machine

Architectural Art Advent Day 7: Excerpts from the stainless steel clad brochure from the 1968 MOMA exhibition The Machine: As Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age. (10Mb PDF file!)

Buddhists 2.0

Last night I dreamt I was abducted by gang of Buddhists. They found me via Google. I was taken to a shanty town of poorly built concrete block houses containing roughly hewn wooden tables and meditation spaces themed like the Crystal Maze. At the end of the tables were flat screen monitors built into the […]


Note to self: remember to check for online version before typing out yourself – Guardian Unlimited: Into the deep.


A couple of quotes from an interview with Anish Kapoor in Saturday’s Grauniad; posted here partly as a further addition to past Kapoor entries and partly because interviews with artists who laugh a lot are so bloody rare. On new, inverted, dark space: Well, says the interviewer Simon Hattenstone, everything you paint or make seems […]