formal autonomy

A worthy addition to your RSS list: Carefully crafted thoughts formalized by the act of writing for an audience. Exactly the justification for blogging that I was explaining to my students last week. A quote from the latest entry: The forms of the Industriosphere have not pulled themselves into being, they have been put […]

passing comment

Two recent comments worth bringing to the front page: First, a couple of links to recent articles. Hello, I’m writing to point out to you two articles from the February issue of Artforum now online. One offers Yale art historian Sean Keller’s take on the renovations of Mies’s Crown Hall at IIT and Louis […]

electronically yours

Back and forth: Owen responds with added detail about some of the recent Letraset people appearances, pointing out that a couple of them once made an appearance on The Human League’s album cover: Being Boiled – Circus of Death. Where next? Does anybody know the source of the other graphic on the album?

Strangely tapering humanoids

Strangely tapering humanoids

And there I was thinking I ruled the roost when it came to sharing architectural images of days gone by. A link by to nastybrutalistandshort caught my eye for another reason when I spotted a Gorden Cullen sketch taken from a book that currently resides on my bedside table*: Homes for Today and Tomorrow […]

2D Man

Friday’s tutorials with my post-graduate students from BSA introduced me to a new, influential figure in contemporary architecture. I met him some time ago, but until now hadn’t considered his importance. Say hello to 2D_Man_Backpack: He’s one of the default figures in the industry changing software, Google Sketchup. I’ve used him myself in models before, […]