iron man

Contrary to my Doctor’s advice, I sat in the direct sunlight to draw this a few weeks ago. I think they call that suffering for your art. It’s the sculpture by Anthony Gormley in Birmingham’s Victoria Square. I mentioned it a while back. Whilst I was sketching this I started to think about some of …


The first thing in painting is that the objects it represents should appear in relief, and that the grounds surrounding them at different distances shall appear within the vertical plane of the foreground of the picture by means of the 3 branches of Perspective, which are: the diminution in the distinctness of the forms of …


sketchup mashup

And here’s why I’m really starting to enjoy this blogging business: the web editor

drawing on the past

It’s been a busy week. There are a couple of entries waiting to be written, including one about the galleries I’ve been able to visit over the last few days. In the meantime, I’m posting an image instead of words. Predictably, looking at the art work of others has made me think about my own …