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Flickr pool: Instructional Drawings ‘…You know, the kind where the drawing tells you what you should or shouldn’t do, but really makes you laugh and stare (in bewilderment) instead of learn a lesson…’ (tags: drawing flickr diagram graphics illustration) THE 59 SMARTEST ORGS ONLINE on Squidoo ‘…These charities were chosen for their excellence in online […] linklog

15 Foods You Shouldn’t Live Without found via Tom Carden’s links (tags: food health nutrition) linklog

Proboscis | SoMa | online store ‘…a single place on the Proboscis website where all our publications, creative tools and games can be purchased via credit card or Paypal account. From the StoryCubes and Endless Landscape Magnets, to COIL journal of the moving image, Mapping Perception (tags: mapping publications urbantapestries research)

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The WELL – About the Design Conference The Design Conference is really the Making Things Conference and is a place to discuss, announce, debate, question and explore making things ($10 per month subscription required) (tags: architecture making designing conference) Baileys Home and Garden Household products from recycled materials (tags: shopping home environment green)