2022 book baton

Matt Webb is blogging like its 2005 and has returned to a book baton entry sharing great reads. I couldn’t resist joining in again as I’d been two steps away from the original post after he passed it to Peter Lindberg. Like Matt, I noted the following then returned to look at my choices 17 …

competitions and collaborations

Lately, I’ve started to appreciate how dependent I am on a side quest to help boost creative energy. They come in many different forms but the key criteria for any side quest is that it should be tangential, of uncertain outcome and ideally include a companion to help you chart a new part of the …

Institutionalised in the Black Maria

Notes made on the 22:30 from Euston to Birmingham, whilst returning home to the provinces after treating myself to an evening of presentations and discussion with Dan Hill, Jeremy Till and Wouter Vanstiphout under the title Institutionalised… Housed in the Black Maria installation at St Martin’s by Richard Wentworth/GRUPPE we were split into eager registrants …

Forms that add distance

Blogging dogged eared thoughts – some loose, coincidental noticings that deserve recording… I’m looking forward to seeing some of Hadid’s work further iterated in the future by the algorithms delivering Google Earth’s Universal Texture. It’ll feel like an event horizon in which Parametricism Will Eat Itself. Better yet, if the pirate copy in China gets …

Merry Christmas

lone sledger, originally uploaded by eversion. Hoping your Christmas involved sufficient sledging.

Rendered speechless

Moral dilema solved: There’s no longer any need to clock up a big carbon footprint travelling to see architecture around the world when CGI rendering gets to this level. The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. I need never leave Birmingham again.

U2 360 tour

U2 360 tour, originally uploaded by eversion.

Deep joy(sts)

Deep joy(sts), originally uploaded by eversion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Walsall Art Gallery is wonderful. A delight waiting at every turn.

eames diagram

eames diagram, originally uploaded by eversion. So it turns out Eames was a fan of the Venn diagram approach to design thinking too. Here’s his interpretation, as presented in The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher.