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quality of the silence

Radio 3 interviews are ripe for the picking of architectural metaphors. In the time honoured blogging tradition of curating x and pointing out that it’s a bit like y, here’s a quote from Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright that got me thinking about spatial comparisons and architectural narratives (my emphasis). A short story is […]

Reminisce – people and books

Some more entries chosen from the archives. Influential ideas from people and pages… People Enthusiasm for tomorrow (RIP Tony Goodall) Memorial speech for my friend and mentor Concrete Ideas (Denys Lasdun) Chairs and the architects that sat in them Letters on meditation (Matt Webb) Learning how to let go Wayne Jacobs (Wayne Hemingway) Letter to […]


Catching up with some old Radio 3 programs this evening. Firstly, The Renzo Piano interview by John Tulsa. RP: “…by the way, architecture is also a very polluted art in the sense that it’s polluted by life, by the complexity of things.” JT: “By compromise.” RP: “Yes, by compromise, but in some way this compromised […]

other entries…

The series is now complete, see part II and part III for the rest of the interview. Alternatively, you can find the whole thing (along with the ability to edit it yourself) on my wiki: EdmundDeWaal.

Edmund de Waal interview (part III)

The third and final part1 of the notes from the EdmundDeWaal interview. Download the mp3 by clicking here – EdW.mp3 (30 min / 18Mb)*. On the relationship between the hand and the mind: JT: It occurred to me when you mentioned earlier that you put the imprint of the palm of your hand or you […]