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Reminisce – people and books

Some more entries chosen from the archives. Influential ideas from people and pages… People Enthusiasm for tomorrow (RIP Tony Goodall) Memorial speech for my friend and mentor Concrete Ideas (Denys Lasdun) Chairs and the architects that sat in them Letters on meditation (Matt Webb) Learning how to let go Wayne Jacobs (Wayne Hemingway) Letter to […]

outrigger version 2

Architectural Advent day 12: We might as well continue the theme from day 11 with an alternative proposal that takes the full width of the plot. This project is part of the work I did with two colleagues just after graduating. My only bit of advice should you choose to try this layout is to […]

the kids are alright

In respectful silence we shuffle around the room. Lips tightly sealed, chins being stroked pensively; nobody daring to appear unaware of the importance of the artefacts on the walls and floor. We’re monks in a monastery of modernism. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. Chattering as she goes, my three year old daughter rattles across the floor […]


I received a text message last night from Tom the caveman: Marcus Novak lecture on friday at UCL Since one of his past articles was the inspiration for my obligatory internet pseudonym I felt compelled to attend. Two minutes later I realised I couldn’t make it – I’m picking the kids up from nursery. This […]

stepping aside

Dear no, too self We’ve been expecting too much of each other of late, I think we need to take a break. No, wait, don’t get upset. It’s not about you, it’s me, it’s my fault. I’ve promised you so much and let you down so often. You deserve better. I think we need to […]