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Reminisce – sketches and photos

Two favourites from the sketches category – one about recording an image, the other about recording the action. Sketches Meat Pei Quick one off the wrist And a few choices from the photography section, which I realise now speak volumes about my attitude towards good photography – it has nothing to do with the quality […]

sketches blog

Found by pressing the ‘related feeds’ button in to get a list of blogs similar to my own: Architecture Sketches quoting Michael Maltzman: “I can’t say that I design in one way or another it is a lot more back and forwards… It is like casting a broad net and seeing what comes up… […]

ashes to sketches

Carbon Copies by Nadine Jarvis: Pencils made from the carbon produced during cremation, A lifetime supply of pencils can be made from one body of ash. The sharpenings create a secondary ash, and displace the pencils as they are used transforming the pencil case over time, into an urn. (via Matt Ward)

New Small Cullen

Taking the time to write something considered and share it online is not easy, so getting reminded why it’s worth it is always welcome.  I’ve certainly appreciated all the supportive comments about my first submission to the housing blog over at and much more importantly I’ve learnt lots in return from people sending links […]

Rehoused – part 4

Time to put my money where my mouth is, as they say. Here’s the fourth and concluding part of the ‘architecture re-housed’ trilogy – photos of the completed houses. Of course, although I’ve been quoted on the Building web site this week about the need to focus on existing housing, that doesn’t mean I’m not […]